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CCTV Services in London - Crime Prevention that Works

When you're looking to take your crime prevention measures beyond strong doors and secure locks, finding out how Unbreakable Locks's CCTV services in London could benefit you is a great next step. Equally, if you already have your cameras in place and need reliable engineers to service them, we have options for you too.

Consultation, Installation and CCTV Maintenance

If you don't yet have cameras installed you may find the range of options bewildering. If you already have a system in place, knowing that should problems arise, help is only a phone call away is always reassuring. Unbreakable Locks technicians will be with you every step of the way:

  1. Book a site survey and get advice on what sort of cameras you need and where to put them
  2. Get the fitting done at a time that won't disrupt your business or domestic routines
  3. Set up regular servicing so you can be confident your CCTV won't let you down
  4. If something has gone wrong, get repairs done fast

Ways to Use Your Security Cameras

Security cameras can be used inside your property or outside of it. Some of the installations most frequently completed include:

  • One or two units to monitor doors and windows - Along with some prominent signage, these function as a powerful deterrent against break-ins
  • HD indoor cameras - Which produce images clear enough to act as evidence against shoplifters
  • Wireless cameras - Easy to install, and once connected they allow you to view your property via the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Night view cameras - A popular choice for dark car parks or alleyways, making it safer for people to move about outdoors

What You'll Gain From a Professional Installation

Get your installation completed by an expert and you'll enjoy the benefit of:

  • Guidance when you're choosing cameras - your technician will make sure you get something that meets your needs
  • The opportunity to buy in units at advantageous rates - much better than paying high street prices
  • Your work completed under insurance - and both parts and labour covered by a six-month guarantee

Find Out More About CCTV Services in London

If you want to take things further the next step is to call. Our phone line is staffed 24/7. Use it to:

  • Request an immediate quote
  • Ask a general question about work you're considering
  • Book a no-obligation consultation with an experienced and helpful technician

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